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SHAKTI DANCE The Yoga of Dance Inspire Your SOUL!

"Shakti Dance™ is the most profound and powerful practice I have EVER experienced!" -Carole Fontaine

Shakti Dance™, the Yoga of Dance, is the perfect fusion between the Wisdom of Yoga, the peacefulness of Meditation and the Freedom of Dance. It is inspired by Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and was created by Sara Avtar from England. I learned Shakti Dance™ under the guidance of Dharma Devi who is the USA Lead Trainer, and Shakti Dance™ School Director and founder in the U.S.

Shakti Dance™ is at the same time an amazing and unique technique, which gradually guides you into a new dimension of well-being and awareness, infusing grace, elegance and a new level of consciousness. Profoundly healing and enriching, Shakti Dance™ brings sacredness into your lives. ​It will AWAKEN your CREATIVE POWER and INSPIRE YOUR SOUL.

Shakti Dance™ classes are 1-1/2 hours, and consists of restorative yoga stretches, guided dance movements, breath work and meditation. Beginners are welcome and NO yoga or dance experience is necessary. The practice is gentle and adapts to one's needs. 


The Yoga of Dance will shape up your body, raise your energy levels and focus your mind. After a class you will feel energized, centered, inspired and blissful! It is the most comprehensive all inclusive practice I have found for physical and emotional health.

What people are saying about Carole's classes

Listen to an amazing testimonial from Barbara Verchot, a Kundalini yoga teacher at the Kundalini Yoga Center of Altamonte, FL (Orlando). Barbara highly recommends the practice!

​​​​​​​​"Carole - what an absolute thrill to experience your Shakti class this morning with you! I love the blending of meditation, stretching, yoga, dance, chant, chakra care - it had it all! It is exactly what I most need right now and I can't imagine a better teacher of this beautiful process than you. Thank you for following your bliss and then bringing it to Deland!" -Linda

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"This was a beautiful sacred expression connecting body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.. a deep journey of prayer, movement and mediation.." - Bonnie


"I was surprised I was actually able to move because I suffer from a lot of back pain, but after the Shakti stretches when we started to dance I felt no pain and I was able to do the whole class! The experience just flowed!" -Mary


"Just experienced Carole's Class and it was an awakening of the senses and transported me to a higher vibration of Shakti energy, which I am still experiencing and enjoying! Don't miss this class, it is transformational!" - Pat

​" Basking in the afterglow of my first ever Shakti class taught by Sea-Goddess Carole Dion Fontaine! I must admit I was super resistant and nervous... & am so glad I showed up and danced like a fool anyway!" -Paige

​​​"More, more more! When's the next class?" - Linda

 Shakti Dance Studio Class Schedule - Portland

Thursday August 1st, 6:30-8pm

Ways to Wellness

9 Whites Bridge Rd, Windham ME


$20 pre-register SAVE $5 / $25 walkins

Wear loose and comfortable clothing, bring yoga mat or blanket.
Space is limited, please RSVP!



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Can't attend a Shakti Dance™ local class?
Try Shakti Dance™ online via Live Broadcasting!


Infuse your life with gentle yoga, heart opening movement, dance, meditation, celestial communications, inspiration and guidance on how to live a blissful life. All you need is a yoga mat and internet connection to connect with a supportive circle, and get a direct infusion of happiness, sexiness, relaxation, high vibration, focus, confidence, strength, energy and bliss!

Rediscover your Power from the comfort of your own home. Join for a class and watch the joyful effect overflow in all aspects of your life. Classes are always LIVE, no replays available so you always get a direct connection with the teacher, no matter where you are.


Carole Fontaine is a certified instructor of Shakti Dance™ The yoga of Dance as created by Sara Avtar. Carole learned Shakti Dance™ under the guidance of Dharma Devi, Lead Trainer, and Director of Shakti Dance™ School in the US. Carole teaches the 1-1/2hr transformational classes in the Portland area, and is passionate about sharing it with women.

If you cannot attend a class near you, the Shakti Dance™ online classes are a great alternative!

It will give you a great infusion of Shakti energy and access to a powerful Live experience, with support for Mastering Living.

Click for more info and weekly online class schedule.


Interested in offering my classes in your studio?

Contact me for more information and let's spread the love!

For more information on the practice of Shakti Dance™ visit

For more information on Shakti Dance™ in the USA visit



See you on the mat,

Carole ~ Nam Karan Kaur


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