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​I've lived aboard a sailboat for over 20 years, and literally sailed through many ordeals!

​Never mind the obvious storms and hurricanes, I've also faced major health challenges from an undiagnosed chronic dis-ease, and found myself with a sick body, failing organs, and my immune system shutting down. At one point, I had five specialists treating me and they had no idea what was wrong, or how to "fix" me. I hit rock bottom after my second surgery and fell into a deep depression.

I needed to drastically change my life. I took charge of my body, health,
career, and finances, and balanced all aspects of my life. I left my cushy job in commercial design and packaging and started to freelance graphic design on my terms. I fired my doctors and learned to heal myself holistically. I re-evaluated my relationships and priorities. I had the great blessing of living on a sailboat and being immersed in nature, so bringing mindfulness into my life was like entering the warm sea under the sun: warm, familiar, cozy, supportive and with unlimited possibilities. Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation changed my life.


I am now completely drug-free, manage my health with nutrition and healthy living, started a fulfilling career, creating beautifully inspired art, and guide others on how to reconnect Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Mother Ocean has always been a great source of comfort and inspiration. She showed me how to be present, how to listen, how to navigate life and the sea, how to master my fears and conquer my goals. She even showed me how to let go, and surrender to the greater forces of nature. From her, I learned to deep dive into the tumultuous waves of life, and explore the depth of my soul where I found my greatest treasures. All I needed was within me.

I overcame stressful health challenges, rogue storms at sea, sailing injuries, career change, bankruptcy, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. And I did it with the high and lows of a 30 year relationship aboard a small sailboat. Oh, the stories, lessons, and adventures I want to share with you!

We all face turbulent waters at one point in our lives. I’ve been there: stuck, hurt, sick, in pain, scared, broke, not knowing what to do. It's frightening. But it's also the turning point and doorway to opportunities... If you know where to look!
If I can learn to Sail Above The Clouds, so can YOU.


Let me inspire you today.

Let's inspire your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Soul Sessions.

Let's inspire your Brand through Graphic Design and Marketing.

Let's inspire your Life through Self-Mastery.

This year can be the most powerful year for you yet.

But you must be willing to be BRAVE. Are you ready to dive in and start the shift?

My program S.A.I.L.™, Simplify, Align, Integrate, and Let go, can help you Conquer Your Fears and Master Your Life.


A world of possibilities is within reach.


Carole Dion Fontaine

~ Bestselling Author

~Professional Graphic Designer

~ Certified Shakti Dance™ Yoga Instructor

~ Mindfulness & Empowerment Guide
~ Meditative Writing Teacher
~ Certified Life Coach 
~ Creator of the S.A.I.L. program: Simplify, Align, Integrate, Let go
~ 20 years liveaboard sailor!

"​A sailor's journey to finding her purpose that will ROCK YOUR BOAT!"

Sharing sailing ordeals, lessons, tips, experiential exercises, and writing prompts, to help you find balance, heal body & mind, find fulfillment, enrich  relationships, gain success and abundance, and live an extraordinary life!


S.A.I.L. Above the Clouds

How to Simplify Your Life


This book series will help you:

Simplify your life

Align goals with your purpose

Integrate tools for success

Let go of all that does not serve you

So that you can sail towards your DREAMS!

Carole was awarded the Female About Business (FAB) Inspirational Leadership Scholarship

Carole has changed my life

"As a professional social worker who has been in clinical practice for over 25 years, I have come across and have been privileged to work with some of our country’s most capable health care professionals.  I can honestly attest to Carole’s gifts and talents.

Carole is a certified transformational coach, personal growth and well-being teacher. She is committed to inspiring and empowering women of all ages and stages of life.  She has dedicated her life to the exploration of tools, techniques and technologies to support individuals who are seeking meaningful and long term change in their lives. Carole is highly engaging and professional. She is interested and interesting. She has the ability to “be where the client is” regardless of the individual’s age, ethnicity, religion or socio-economic class. She is able to relate to her client’s in a very unique and meaningful way. You do not forget Carole once you meet her as she is truly one of a kind.

I can speak to her expertise both professionally and personally, as Carole has changed my life.  
She has deep compassion, wisdom and understanding.  Carole is a highly effective verbal communicator, and an incredible writer.  I am so impressed with her gifts. She has been a mentor and guide for me in the last year. "

Yours truly,
Marianne Bennett-Altschul, BSW, MSW, RYT


Carole has been an inspiration to me since the day we met

at the Winter Solstice event in 2012! From the moment I walked up to her booth, she made me feel seen, appreciated, and understood. This woman is a light unto the world and a multi-talented goddess! When I met her, what fascinated me most was the fact that she created beautiful crystal jewelry and infused it with healing Reiki energy. I purchased a piece for my birthday and stayed in touch with her thereafter.

Following her on social media and attending various events, I got to learn so many things on my spiritual path due to her influence. Eventually, I felt the calling to study Reiki myself (about a year ago). Since I had established such a trusting relationship with Carole, I immediately reached out to her above any of the other myriad of teachers in my network.

So far, I have taken her Reiki Levels I and II. During the certification course, Carole was so knowledgeable and could answer all of the questions that we had in our cohort. Afterwards, she made herself available to all of us. I still feel like I can reach out to her and she will support me. This is just the kind of person she is-- inspired, loving, kind, patient, driven, compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable and wise! I look forward to becoming a Reiki Master under her tutelage.

I cannot wait to read her new book and take the accompanying e-course this year!
Thank you, Carole-ji, for the GREAT difference you have made in my life. You are going to transform millions!

Anna Sivani

Lifestyle Designer, Writer, Yogini, Biohacker,

Apothecary, Reiki Practitioner, Social Scientist


Carole has been a source of inspiration for me for over 30 years.  From being a free spirit young woman seeking adventures to an evolved beautiful, blissful woman who found her authentic self sailing through the waves of life.
I am truly amazed by her determination and commitment to all aspects of her life.
It is a blessing to have her in my life and to be the witness of such a beautiful soul. She is a wonderful spiritual being!
Continue to share yourself; the world needs you!
May the Long Time Sun shine upon you, all love surround you, And the pure light within you,
Guide your way on☀️🌈

Sat Sangat Kaur

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Business Owner, Mother

Carole is a gifted transformational coach!

"Carole Fontaine is a genuine, loving and honest human being, passionate about helping others reach their full potential. I have taken some of her personal growth workshops and would encourage others to experience her life enriching classes... Carole inspires people to take their lives to the next level… A gifted transformational coach! ”

Eve Gordon, M.S.W.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Meditation Teacher

Carole is a dynamo!

"When I first met her I realized immediately what an intelligent, creative and dynamic person she is. I have known her for over seven years and have seen her growth as an artist, spiritual teacher, jewelry designer, yoga teacher and now a life coach. This is one fabulous girl and I can't express more superlatives to describe this hard-working, networking and fabulous lady.


Her studies began in graphic design and have grown into many more creative avenues.  As a life coach and teacher you can be sure that she will do her best to help and lead souls to their right destination in any field. She has always reached for her finest and has accomplished grabbing the gold ring because of her determination, understanding and values.


Just watch this girl, keep an eye on her and you will be amazed at her talents and how she can handle every situation with delicacy and grace."


Etta Stevens

Meditation Teacher

Radio and Television Interviewer

Brahma Kumaris Assistant to Hollywood Director


Conquer your Fears, Live your Dreams, and

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