Inspiring artist & teacher

Graphic Design & Marketing Consultant

Self-Mastery Success Coach

Shakti Dance™ Yoga Instructor

Meditative Writing Teacher

Certified Mindfulness Life Coach

Reiki Master Teacher


CAROLE received her BA in Graphic Arts in Montréal, Canada, and moved to South Florida in 1993 where she lives on a sailboat with her husband. She runs Inspired Creations Inc., and freelances on creative projects for clients across the nation.

As a graphic designer, her experience ranges from design agency, owning & operating a sailing magazine, and managing a design & printing department for a dietary supplement manufacturer for almost 10 years.

After years of working in the intensive world of commercial graphic design, severe health issues drove her to make drastic lifestyle changes in order to heal herself. Her search for a cure propelled her into the world of holistic health where she learned to successfully maintain a healthy body, and lead a fulfilling life despite chronic issues. Her studies also opened her mind to the importance of healing body, mind and spirit, as she pursued deeper yogic training.

​​Reigniting the SPARK of her CREATIVITY, she reinvented herself and launched Inspired Creations Inc. Her goals are to inspire others; whether through coaching and empowering workshops, or through inspired art and graphic design.

Carole is an avid health nut, a daily yoga practitioner, a certified life coach and Reiki master teacher. She is an advocate for health & wellness and teaches personal growth workshops on meditation, writing, and empowerment.

She also teaches the powerful practice of Shakti Dance™, a wonderful blend of Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation. The practice helps create inner peace, lasting happiness and well-being. She calls Shakti Dance™ “the most profound practice I have ever experienced.”

She has been living on a sailboat with her husband for over 20 years and is currently writing an inspirational book about adventures and lessons learned along the way. Based on her powerful Meditative Writing classes, the book will include tips, meditations and writing prompts on how to inspire your life, as well as motivate the readers from sharing some of the ordeals they have sailed through. This powerful tool of transformation will bring fun and excitement into a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Her greatest inspiration is to inspire others.



WNBD Live FM Radio appearance: LISTEN as Carole shares her Journey to Health and how she changed her life after many health crisis including Celiac disease, leaky gut, candida overgrowth, multiple surgeries and car accidents and joined the holistic field to become a healer, teacher and certified life coach... an inspired artist with a flair for helping others!

Your Health Matters - Carole Fontaine WNBD FM Radio
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WINDSONG, the Floating Art Studio

Windsong is a 41' Morgan OutIslander and has been our home for over 20 years. We are currently docked on a river in Deland, Central Florida.

​An inspirational book about adventures and life lessons learned aboard is in the works. Inspired from my Meditative Writing classes, and the many personal growth program I have taken, it is an interactive tool and workbook that will help people simplify their lives, journey deep within their hearts, connect with their hear's purpose, integrate tools for success, and transforming their lives, reconciling dreams with realities.


You can read a few stories of my life aboard on my blog page.


386-320-6392  (EST)

34 Memory Lane

Arundel, ME 04046

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