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Author, Artist, Inspirational Teacher

Author of SAIL Above the Clouds—How to Simplify your Life
Certified Mindfulness & Empowerment Guide

Shakti Dance™ Yoga Instructor

Meditative Writing Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher

Graphic Design & Marketing Consultant


CAROLE received her BA in Graphic Arts in Montréal, Canada, and moved to South Florida in 1993 where she lived on a sailboat for over 20 years with her husband. She sailed to Maine in 2018 where she currently resides. She runs Inspired Creations LLC, and freelances on creative projects for clients across the nation.
As a graphic designer, her experience ranges from design agency, owning and operating a sailing magazine, and managing a design and printing department for a dietary supplement manufacturer for close to 10 years.

After years of working in the intensive world of commercial graphic design, severe health issues drove her to make drastic lifestyle changes in order to heal herself. Her search for a cure propelled her into the world of holistic health where she learned to successfully maintain a healthy body, and lead a fulfilling life despite chronic issues. Her studies also opened her mind to the importance of healing body, mind, and spirit.

She studied holistic and yogic philosophies and learned ways to manage her health. This ignited a passion for teaching and helping people apply simple techniques to live healthier lives and discover their heart’s purpose. Fontaine is a certified Life Coach, who teaches Meditative Writing, Shakti Dance® Yoga (a blend of Mindfulness, Movement, and Meditation), and Reiki at the Master level.

She recently published “SAIL Above the Clouds—How to Simplify your Life” about her 20-years living aboard a sailboat which was named Finalist for BOOK OF THE YEAR by Book Talk Radio Club (.info) in the UK, bestseller on Amazon for over 3 weeks, selling copies on 5 continents. Readers live vicariously through Carole’s journey of finding her voice, taking control of her health, and discovering her passion, forgiveness, strength, and empowerment—all while sailing the ocean, diving in caves, swimming with sharks, surviving hurricanes, waking up in a sinking boat, and maneuvering in a meager 41 feet of living space with an unconventional husband and, of course, a dog.

Who on earth would purposely choose to live this type of inevitably challenging and non-conforming life? One who sought the freedom to reclaim and reinvent herself—meet Carole—she’s driven to inspire others to rise above omnipresent (and sometimes self-induced) drama, so she could manifest a life that offers true prosperity and authentic happiness.

Praised for her ability to connect with individuals on a deeply personal level, inspiring change through storytelling, mindfulness education, and meditative writing. She has taught or spoken in places like Unity on the Bay in Miami, Libraries, Spiritual and Health Centers.


Fontaine was awarded an Inspirational Leadership Scholarship by Female About Business (FAB), a division of the Florida Deland Chamber of Commerce.

This book is the first in a four-book series sharing adventures, inspiring lessons, and self-mastery tools which underpin her program S.A.I.L.: Simplify, Align, Integrate, and Let Go—so you can live an extraordinary life. Through the enticing stories and workbook, she will help you S.A.I.L. Above the Clouds.

She currently lives in Shapleigh, Maine with her husband of 30-years and has a thriving graphic design business. She coaches and mentors women of all ages who seek freedom from unrealized dreams.

WINDSONG, the floating art studio, and our home for 20 years.

Carole shares part of her 20-YEAR journey living on a sailboat, and helpful tips on how to pivot quickly from change, develop your intuition, and lead a purposeful life.


"This show was so fun to do - Carole Fontaine was such a joy and full of wisdom! Here is just a quick sneak "listen" to what's in store on Episode 12 of Season 2 of the Uncharted Entrepreneurs. Grab your favorite beverage and pull up a seat - you'll want to take the time to hear this entire conversation with Carole - author of “SAIL Above the Clouds—How to Simplify your Life". I also highly recommend you grab the book off of Amazon today!!

Hear the entire conversation with Carole using the link below or find the Uncharted Entrepreneurs Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite shows!" - Sheri Miter

WNBD Live FM Radio appearance: LISTEN as Carole shares her Journey to Health and how she changed her life after many health crisis including Celiac disease, leaky gut, candida overgrowth, multiple surgeries and car accidents and joined the holistic field to become a healer, teacher and certified life coach... an inspired artist with a flair for helping others!

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