Inspiring adventures, empowering journey.


Unafraid to ‘rock the boat,’ a sailor-turned-author drops her truth bombs like an anchor.  

S.A.I.L. Above the Clouds weaves big emotions, humorous impasses, and motivating results through topics such as overcoming major health concerns with chronic disease, mental health, surviving 30 years of marriage (in a very small space), discovering a deep desire to inspire positive transformation in others, and more humorously, learning to cook in choppy seas.

Experience the highs and lows of sailing through life’s sometimes stormy weather and celebrate how the author found the confidence to leave a cushy job, sail a 20-ton vessel, fire her doctors, and engage the life-changing decision of reinventing herself. Find ways to navigate health challenges, gale storms, and mental breakdowns through her poignant adventures. Celebrate her rise to self-awareness, discover her deep love for living life on her terms in a big unconventional way, and awaken the dreams of being immersed in connection with Mother Ocean, floating on nature, and the great lessons it offers.


S.A.I.L. Above the clouds

Conquer your Fears and Master your Life

"​A sailor's journey to finding her purpose that will ROCK YOUR BOAT!"

 Follow the humorously inspiring journey of a live-aboard sailor who uncovers her strength, gets unstuck, overcomes the pains of chronic disease, and finds her ultimate purpose—all weaved into a workbook for readers to explore ways to simplify their life.

This is a four-book series where each book represents a unique aspect (and letter) from the author’s signature program S.A.I.L: Simplify, Align, Integrate, Let Go.  


Book One: Simplify—stories and tips on simplifying home, diet, finances, career, goals, etc.


Book Two: Align—proves the importance of having all aspects of life align with the ultimate goal and vision.


Book Three: Integrate—shows how to use day to day life tools to support and manage success.


Book Four: Let Go—helps readers identify what hinders their success, to then allow the release of old habits, thoughts, and actions that no longer serve a positive purpose.


It is by Simplifying, Aligning, Integrating, and Letting Go, that readers can conquer fears and master their lives, instead of falling overboard.


The books share a comprehensive list of subjects and explore different methods of healing modalities. Readers will benefit from insights, tips, writing prompts, and exercises that follow each chapter.


S.A.I.L. Above the Clouds is packed with stories that will make readers laugh, cry, cringe, or jump—all weaved into an interactive set of tools that invites the reader to dive deep within themselves, connect with their soul’s desire, and reconcile dreams with realities.

The goal is to get women unstuck, inspired, energized, connected with their bodies, pro-active towards healing their bodies, engaged in elevating their lives, and realize that they always have a voice and a choice.

There truly is no better time than now to embrace what you have on this earth and set course on an exciting and purpose-driven adventure!



"Thank you Carole for such an inspiring meditative writing class last night! Going to start journaling again every day! I was pleased the first thing I wanted to do upon awaking was write and the Joy I distinguished last night about hearing myself as I write is so cool. It feels like I am in a movie of my life as I write and I love it. New things have sprouted and I am very pleased with the process. I already see the impact - finally just wrote the text a flyer at work that I was postponing for weeks. It flowed. Very excited!" -Bonni

"Thank you Carole!! I was inspired today to sit by the ocean as the sun began to rise with my journal. It was beautiful! Feeling GREAT!!" -Debra

"Carole, your message came at such a beautiful time. Thank you. I saw a lot of myself in you, in the strong, and in the ugly. You allowed me to open up to see the parts of me I had shut down, and to fall in love with myself again. When you stood up in front of us, and spoke about your voice and your husband, I thought about my mom, and my comfort in victimhood. I felt your strength. I was so impressed. That day, I remembered how I knew I was born to do something big, and my legacy was going to be larger than life. You are my reminder of power." –Patty S.

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! You taught a powerful technique. Had interesting dreams that night after the workshop. Fears I've been pushing aside came to the surface, and I've been sitting with them and facing their message this week. I've been blogging for several years… The feelings that came up in the workshop last week were directly related to my frustration about not having as much time to write.”  -Marian W.

"Dear Carole,
Your words today are profound, beautifully written, and so pertinent to the current state of the society we call life. I am amazed and impressed with your writing. You have worked so hard to gain your knowledge, insight, and expertise…such that your thoughts and words are worthy of being read…by everyone. Bravo, my dear old friend. I am so happy to know you. Namaste."

"This was an incredible experience. Gather your friends and invite Carole to facilitate this workshop. You will all love it. I promise! Phenomenal experience." – Marianne A.

“Carole Fontaine is a genuine, loving and honest human being, passionate about helping others reach their full potential.  I have taken some of her personal growth workshops and would encourage others to experience her life enriching classes... Carole inspires people to take their lives to the next level… A gifted transformational coach! She has the potential to change lives!” – Eve Gordon





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