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  • Carole D. Fontaine ~ Nam Karan Kaur

120 Days Meditation Challenge: Day One.

I’ve never done a 120 days meditation before, so the challenge is to stay focus and dedicated to see this meditation through. I did some before which lasted 40 days and surprised myself at my resolve… But I haven’t committed to doing one in a long time. Although I practice yoga, meditation, and reiki regularly, I dont hold myself up to doing it on the days that I don't want to! This feels like homework LOL But I want to feel better and have been struggling with my health again this year, with digestive issues, inflammation resulting in restricted breathing. Dieting alone will help me but I need to take this one step further and heal myself on an energetic level so this doesn’t continue to happen over and over again. Caught up in a cycle and consciously breaking it…

I’ve been working with an amazing healer friend of mine who is also a Kundalini yoga teacher and based on my stomach and digestive issues she recommended this particular meditation. It’s also good for the lower chakra where lies all my challenges.

So I settle down and start. The boat is unusually quiet this morning. Besides a few waves rocking the boat once in a while and the sound of the breeze gently dancing around the rigging, the only action on Windsong is the a/c blowing cool air and Carole blowing hot air. Dozer is wondering what the whistling is all about and finally decides that no, we’re not going for a walk and settles down for a nap.

I am amazed that it took just a few minutes for the deepest sense of peace to come over me – I feel the energy building up around my kidneys and in my lower belly. My breath which lately has been constrained most of the time is now flowing freely and it feels darn good! It could be that I am having a good day today, but it could also be that this stuff works!

My sitting bones are melting into the floor, and I feel so grounded… even though Mother Earth is about 12 feet under me, underwater. Maybe that’s why I struggle so much with my lower chakras (aka grounding, security): I’ve been floating for too long!

Will I keep it up? Yogi Bhajan says: “Keep up and you will be kept up!”

Sat Nam!

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