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  • Carole D. Fontaine

I’m Blogging!


I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I finally got around to starting a blog!

So many people are surprised when I tell them I’ve been living aboard a sailboat for 19 years – their reactions always enchanted excitement followed by loads of questions and the statement: ” YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK!”

Well I am… maybe not the type of book about sailing aboard but more about being a yogi and living aboard.

I must admit life is good… now… but it wasn’t too long ago that I struggled with even the simplest most basic function: eating. I was sick for quite some time, years actually, and navigated the western medicine world hopping from doctors to doctors, living through surgeries with a few car accidents thrown in the mix and although I found health again, I struggle to keep balance. I live with a strict diet but with an open heart and an ever expanding soul.

My search to heal myself introduced me to the world of holistic modalities and I discovered yoga, meditation, Reiki and so many ways of healing oneself. I left the deadline driven world of commercial graphic design and am creating my own reality. To this day I continue to search for balance, struggling sometimes and continually realigning myself with my higher path.

Nowadays, I am my own boss and started Inspired Creations Inc., a little more than a year ago. I’m a graphic artist and jewelry designer. I immerse myself with creative projects and love to express myself with any kind of media. I also teach Meditative Writing Workshops and volunteer at a monthly women’s circle where we gather to empower women and explore our divine feminine.

I’m a Reiki Master and volunteer at my local hospital every Friday for a healing circle for caregivers. I love to share Reiki, teach it, and also Reiki infuse every piece of crystal & gemstone jewelry I make.

I study Kundalini, Iyengar, Kriya and Raja yoga and this helps my body steer away pain and inflammation and keep my mind sharp and observant.

I LOVE LIFE and FEEL SO BLESSED! I am thankful for all experiences I’ve lived through and look forward to sharing what I’ve learned, what has helped me or derailed me, and sharing bits of my life onboard Windsong with the love of my life and husband of 25 years, Eric, and our puppy dog Dozer.

I hope you enjoy the sail!

♥ N ҉ A ҉ M ҉ A ҉ S ҉ T ҉ E ♥


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