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  • Carole D. Fontaine

A morning mirror conversation on fears.

Some morning I wake up to deep inner conversations...

What would happen if you put yourself first?

If you stopped being scared and jumped in at every opportunity for growth and personal transformation?

If you would let go of the wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t and maybes?

How would life be?

Would it feel more vibrant, more juicy and colorful?

Would you suddenly feel like a kid again; breathing to full lung capacity and run until you’re exhausted and fall in the grass laughing?

How would it feel to be unencumbered by learned behaviors and society’s dictated social etiquette?

Would you be able to break free and fly? Climb the sky like a dove towards a reachable and tangible blissful future?

Would you finally be able to relax into a place of flow and synchronicity that we are naturally attuned to but fail miserably to attain or sustain?

Would you be able to detach from society’s onslaught of infomercials on how you don’t measure up, you’re not skinny enough, pretty enough, or rich enough to be happy?

If you had the opportunity to shed your Samskaras* and start anew, would you realize what a gift it is and what magic this could create in your life?

Would you recognize the unlimited possibilities for your best and highest life that Source is offering?

Or would you let fear dictate your actions and distract you back to your iphone or TV?

Life is about choices. YOU are in charge of EVERYTHING in your life. YOU are the creator, director and actor in your life. It’s all up to you whether you create a B Grade flick or decide to go full length, high resolution, 3D and surround sound masterpiece.

I myself have decide enough with the crappy movies! Life’s too short to watch my life go by waiting for something big to happen. I’ve decided to make my own movie and star in it. And it’s an Oscar winner! From now on, only the best for Cocotte! I’ll manifest my dreams come true AND MORE! I refuse to leave this earth with regrets because I was afraid. I will at least give it my best and most dedicated heartfelt effort.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the willingness to act in spite of my fear.

I’m making it my own and embracing it. Thanking it for the lessons and gently pushing it aside, taking its hand and moving forward regardless of it.

I will create and co-create amazing things and meet remarkable souls doing it. Together we will rise above the banality of day to day sleep walking through life, and we will color outside the lines. We will take our crayons and color the world a rainbow. Sparkles and kaleidoscope: that’s what I want in my life… oh, and butterflies!

Kaleidoscope included.

* Samskaras: … imprints left on the subconscious mind by experience in this or previous lives, which then color all of life, one’s nature, responses, states of mind…

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