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Meditative Writing & Personal Development Courses

Inspiring Hearts. Mastering Living.

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1pm - 2:30pm EST

Live ZOOM Class Training

Learn to clear out the rubbish, tame down anxieties, release the stress and quiet the chattering mind in this powerful and transformative workshop. Incredibly beneficial if you feel stuck, unsure about making a decision, or are in a period of transition.

Learn to tap into your intuition and asses a great source of inner knowledge. You will come out of it inspired and energized!

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  • You struggle with stress or anxiety

  • You’re at a crossroad but don’t know what to do

  • You feel stuck or confused

  • You need clarity on your goals

  • You have a hard time making decisions


  • You can’t stop your mind chatter

  • You have difficulty sleeping at night

  • You can’t express your inner feelings

  • You want to heal unresolved challenges

  • You live in fear of the future

  • You need a plan to create your vision

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What if you found the source of all answers, could release all stress, worries, and self-doubts, and plan a brighter future? 


I teach a highly transformational class called Meditative Writing.

It is a blend of guided meditations and guided written exercises and prompts, designed to help you raise self-awareness, cultivate self-confidence, focus on goals and intentions you have set for your life, and bring inner peace.

This self-reflective journey will help uncover blockages and detrimental behaviors, and find true motivations using it to propel your life into high gear. Subjects differ from class to class but all are focused on helping people grow their capacity for self-analysis, discover personal strength and inner resources, and release worry and anxiety.

You don’t have to be a writer to join this class; all you need is pen, paper, and a willingness to listen and observe. You may be surprised by the answers you will find!

This deeply transformative class can help you:
- Clarify your goals
- Declare your dreams
- Identify blocks & barriers
- Heal past wounds
- Create action plans

- Release stress, worry and anxiety!

Meditative Writing can help you design a rich life which will inspire you.


Carole has training in many different meditation techniques: Mindfulness meditation, Kundalini yoga, mantra meditation, Brahma Kumaris, guided visualization, Reiki, Vipassana. She teaches empowering workshops throughout Central Florida as well as Mindfulness Movement and Meditation classes. 

Private Sessions Available

Experience a powerful one-on-one self discovery session as we dive into blockages, stresses or situations that may hinder your success. 

- Get past your unconscious programming and through inspired guidance, connect deeply with your heart's purpose, map out your goals and get a clear view of your next action step.

-Heal resolved past issues, and surrender to the beauty of manifesting your best and highest life! Greater self-awareness is the key to happiness!



Carole has changed my life

"As a professional social worker who has been in clinical practice for over 25 years, I have come across and have been privileged to work with some of our country’s most capable health care professionals.  I can honestly attest to Carole’s gifts and talents.

Carole is a certified transformational coach, personal growth and well-being teacher. She is committed to inspiring and empowering women of all ages and stages of life.  She has dedicated her life to the exploration of tools, techniques and technologies to support individuals who are seeking meaningful and long term change in their lives. Carole is highly engaging and professional. She is interested and interesting. She has the ability to “be where the client is” regardless of the individual’s age, ethnicity, religion or socio-economic class. She is able to relate to her client’s in a very unique and meaningful way. You do not forget Carole once you meet her as she is truly one of a kind.

I can speak to her expertise both professionally and personally, as Carole has changed my life.  
She has deep compassion, wisdom and understanding.  Carole is a highly effective verbal communicator, and an incredible writer.  I am so impressed with her gifts. She has been a mentor and guide for me in the last year. "

Yours truly,
Marianne Bennett-Altschul, BSW, MSW, RYT

"Carole is a true angel on Earth. Everywhere she goes, she shines her light, and fill the space with Love.
I had the honor to partner with Carole and create Women’s Healing Circles together.
Carole has a special gift: her nurturing and loving way create a safe space for all to feel welcome. Her healing touch and words inspire and transform all those who work with her. Carole is very professional, organized and a woman of her word."

- Zayna DeGaia

Teacher, Author, Happiness Expert and Co-owner
of brand apparel and yoga studio

"Carole's creativity and helpfulness have no bounds:  where she leaves her fingerprints there is upliftment for herself and others.  She loves to learn and to share ~ a natural networker and light worker.  I have full trust that her skills and passion have helped her to  " the change we wish to see in the world" and will help others to be the change, also."

- Roz Reich

Professor Emeritus, Miami-Dade College

Brahma Kumaris, Hollywood Director
(World Spiritual University)

Carole is a gifted transformational coach!

"Carole Fontaine is a genuine, loving and honest human being, passionate about helping others reach their full potential. I have taken some of her personal growth workshops and would encourage others to experience her life enriching classes... Carole inspires people to take their lives to the next level… A gifted transformational coach! ”

Eve Gordon, M.S.W.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Meditation Teacher




"Thank you Carole for such an inspiring meditative writing class last night! Going to start journaling again every day! I was pleased the first thing I wanted to do upon awaking was write and the Joy I distinguished last night about hearing myself as I write is so cool. It feels like I am in a movie of my life as I write and I love it. New things have sprouted and I am very pleased with the process. I already see the impact - finally just wrote the text a flyer at work that I was postponing for weeks. It flowed. Very excited!" - Bonni


"Thank you Carole!! I was inspired today to sit by the ocean as the sun began to rise with my journal. It was beautiful! Feeling GREAT!!" - Debra


"Thank you for a wonderful workshop! You taught a powerful technique!! I was inspired today to sit by the ocean as the sun began to rise with my journal. It was beautiful! Feeling GREAT!!" -Debbie


"This was a great workshop. Carole is a wonderful teacher to connect with as a guide for free flow writing. I highly recommend this to everyone. We had a very nice time last night. I really got in touch with my soul....beautiful!" – Susana

"Thank you Carole for an awesome class!! Learned so much and will use it in my everyday life now!! And thanks to the ladies for letting us have the class!! Feeling inspired and going to be a great year!!" -Hattie

​​​“I love this!!! . CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT CLASS!!! Ready for that Feel Good Feeling!” – M Nelson


“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! You taught a powerful technique. Can it be used with any questions that I want to find answers? Had interesting dreams that night after the workshop. Fears I've been pushing aside came to the surface, and I've been sitting with them and facing their message this week. I've been blogging for several years… The feelings that came up in the workshop last week were directly related to my frustration about not having as much time to write. Still trying to find a way to make time!”  - Marian W.


"I have no doubt that tomorrow will be an amazing experience for All... with such heart and such dedication and as giving as your soul is; that desire to serve All the people will have no choice to come Divinely through…" H. Gibson

"Carole is a fantastic Life Coach, she guides me to find myself and figure out what I need for my life. She is kind and soothing. Anyone that gets a an opportunity to be guided by Carole will for sure be pleased with the results." 

- Diana Sierra, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher.


Contact me to book a workshop in your studio, place of business or for a private group. The benefits will astound you.

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